Sodium Bentonite

Sodium Bentonite Pond Leak and Soil Sealer

sodium bentoniteSodium Bentonite soil sealants can be utilized for water containment projects for farm ponds and fresh water lakes.

Sodium Bentonite “Granules” is a coarse granular bentonite that can be sprinkled over existing ponds to decrease water leakage.

The Sodium Bentonite is drawn into cracks and crevices where leakage is occurring, providing a seal without draining the pond.

Sodium Bentonite “Pond Seal” grade is better suited to sealing new ponds or dry ponds which have no water in them.

How Sodium Bentonite as a Pond Leak Sealer Works

When a comparatively small percentage of Sodium Bentonite is mixed with soil and wetted, the Sodium Bentonite particles expand up to fifteen times their dry bulk size. The expansion forms a mechanical bond with the surrounding compacted soils and fills the voids between the soil particles. This creates a barrier that effectively impedes further seepage through the soil, typically decreasing the permeability of a soil several orders of magnitude.

The hydrated Sodium Bentonite becomes a tough, highly flexible mastic that naturally expands and moves to self-seal small cracks that develop in the soil. Bentonite can withstand hydration/re-hydration and freeze-thaw cycles without losing its sealing ability.

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